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Paddles Engelish

Atlantische Paddles

The Atlantean-Healing-Paddles

The Atlantean-Healing-Paddles had been channelled in 1986 though Frank Alper and are shortly described in his book: “Exploring Atlantis”.  “Exploring Atlantis”

These Paddles had already been used by the ancient Atlantiens and gain now, with the magnetic Age of Aquarius a again great importance for the holistic wellbeing and spiritual growth.

The paddles combine magnetic energies with color-vibrations are used in many different ways on a body.
They serve to balance many conditions with their geometric form and color. In the last century, the Age of Pisces, the Age of male power the paddles had been constructed in very deep strong colors and felt at that time for very sensitive people rather rough. With the strong Universal energies radiating to Earth at this time, the colors of the paddles had to be adjusted. The color frequencies are softer in pastel, but have a rather stronger end more efficient effect.

One set contains seven Paddles


To order the 7 Atlantean Paddles


United Kingdom

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British £ 230.00
 £     7.00

special offer for Students attendig a Paddle-Workshop at the Holistic Healing College with Blue Marsden.   Please note: The Paddles will be handed out only on the specific Paddle-workshops. Check dates on Holistc Healing College or contact Blue Marsden

British £ 200.00       

Germany and EU Coutries:
Please contact Katharina

€ 295.00*

* we will add postage acoording to your country/location.
We only sell complete sets.

Star of David







Information: The pictures might appear slightly different from the original

Recommendations for successful treatments

This is only a short description of those wonderful healing tools. For a successful treatment, counselling ahead of the actual treatment is always mandatory. The client has to realize, why he has acquired his/her condition (Spiritual causes of illnesses, Frank Alper “Our Existence is Mind”. If this general rule has been applied, then there is no limit to a successful treatment.
The paddles can also be used to enhance spiritual growth, using them on weekly bases. We recommend that the person using the Paddles for spiritual growth leaves enough time afterwards to contact and exchange information and knowledge with Spirit or Masters
It is also favourable, that a person who got a treatment with the Atlantean Healing Paddles has time to relax (at least 10 - 30 Min.), so that the body can integrate the new vibrations for what purpose ever.
In addition to all methods of treatment in the physical, emotional and spiritual areas one of the Atlantean Chants can be played (seven times and quite loud) to enforce the desired effects.

General applications are circular, spiral or other movements above the body. The metal/copper frame should face the client’s body. The wooden handle serves as an energy neutralizer between the therapist and the client. Most times the client’s position is lying on his back but for example cleansing an Aura, it can be used in a standing position (with the Lila or Rose Paddle).
Time of treatment per Paddle or in combination should take about 5 - 8 Minutes. More effective treatment will be, if the therapist is connected to the soul of the client, a spiritual healing master (Master Lucas, Archangel Laurita, Archangel Isolda, Dr. Hermann or favoured healing master etc.) or their own intuition and follows their advice or inputs.
Be always aware of the reactions of the client! Less is very often more.
A treatment with the Atlantean healing Paddles is very good after a body massage, to balance and harmonize the body energies.
For other kinds of healing treatments, the Star David - Paddle can be used before or after on its own. Also other Paddles can be used just as an addition before or after other healing methods.

Children under 12 years of age
, the treatment has to be shortened according to age.
For animal-lovers: The Atlantean Healing paddles are very effective on house pets, cats, dogs but also horses or cows (leg conditions use the blue paddle).

We wish you great success and would be happy to hear your experiences you have with these wonderful healing tools.

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