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With great joy, we welcome Claudia Dale, CND and Blue Marsden, UK and Japan into our Team for the English speaking parts

Claudia Dale is just opening her healing practice "Your Soul's Content" in Oakville. Claudia believes the key to true healing is identifying and acknowledging issues seated deep within thereby allowing us to move on in confidence and self-grace.
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Blue Marsden  is the author of the book "Soul Plan" as well as founder and director of the Holistic Healing College, the London School of Chi Kung and the London College of Hypnotherapy.
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For any requests please contact either Claudia, Blue or Katharina, thank you.

Exploring Atlantis
(Complete Edition)
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It is a great pleasure to announce that finally I have been able to realize two of Frank's heart's desires in publishing the book "Our Existence is Mind" as well as the complete edition (all three volumes in one) of "Exploring Atlantis". To order, please click on text or pictures.
I am very thankful to the late Frankie McGee, without her those projects would not have been able to be realized.

Connections, Friends & Partners of ADAMIS-International

Stéphanie Allenbach

Stéphanie Allenbach is conducting Frank's seminars with accuracy, an open heart and much sensitivity. Based on her many years of practical experience using Frank’s spiritual philosophy, methods and energy-techniques in her work with clients, each of Frank’s statements and teachings can be proven and verified and eventually leads to the desired goal.

Therapists or people who like to take quantum steps in their own development or healing are welcome to our seminars (seminars in German).

We are able to show you the path, but each individual has to walk it themselves.

Stéphanie also offers personal Channelings (in German or English).

Stéphanie offers her service in English. Please contact her by email if you are interested. Sessions can be held over phone or skype.

Oliver Hauck - An amazing story on trust and faith!

Find out more about Oliver Hauck, his great and award winning movie "The Blue Jewel", his music and his paintings. (Link to Oliver)

Some of the stars in "The Blue Jewel".

David & Gudrun Miller

Pepper Lewis

Ruben Saufkie

A DVD you don't want to miss in your collection!  

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With his passing in 2007, Frank Alper left an immense treasure of knowledge, methods, techniques and spiritual philosophy.
A statement that Lee Carroll made was, that Frank's wisdom was decades ahead of humanity.
Frank tried to communicate Universal Knowledge in very simple and understandable words to his students when working with crystals and techniques for holistic healing, or taking into consideration the spiritual causes of illness, or the knowledge about the Atlantean healing methods, the functions and methods of crystal healing, the "Spiritual Numerology of Moses", and the reprogramming of the brain stem, and the unique method of ENERGENETICS® (genetic energy reconstruction). One by one all of these treasures are once again being presented to those who are interested.

For me personally (Katharina), it is not only to carry on with the spiritual heritage of Frank, but to build a network with other spiritual people, healers and channels.

Each human being is unique; each one has special qualities and tasks. It is to help each to present themselves in their true light.

For all presenting seminars or lectures, I offer professional audio-recordings and CD productions of their presentations. With the careful editing of the sound material, and cutting noise or long breaks etc., the CDs have become a widely requested work tool for the people attending these events.

As my humble soul is one with yours, we are all together in Oneness! Love in everything - Katharina

EDITION ADAMIS Katharina Alper
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