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Crystal Patterns
Crystals have many fields of applications and, in certain formations and patterns, create different resonances and energy-fields. Mainly they serve as conductors and amplifiers of energies. Crystals can be programmed-either temporarily or permanently for a certain purpose-with different energies or colors; larger crystals can also be programmed with the energy of a spiritual master.
Small crystal-points can be used to purify and energize drinking water. Crystals are ideal to use for ill house-pets such as cats and dogs, or even larger animals such as pigs, cows, and horses.
Broken crystal-parts can be put into the dirt in the garden or house-plants. Crystals neutralize energies of PCs, TVs or micro-wave ovens (tape a small crystal into each corner of your device, all points pointing to the center.
A formation of 3 regular crystals in the size of about 8oz. to 12oz. under the bed (on the floor or under the mattress) for adults, 1 below the head-pillow, one to each corner of the bed at the foot-end, all crystals point to the center of the bed. This pattern creates a permanent revitalizing energy field, and keeps the immune system strong.
For children always use small crystals! From the age of 12, larger crystals can be used if the person feels compatible with the energy.
Larger crystals serve to neutralize rooms from water or ley-lines, and very large crystals are used for houses or other properties.
Caution: The suggested application times are guide-lines and should not be over drawn. People who are not compatible with crystals should shorten the application time for their well-being.
Cleansing of crystals: Sometimes you may find a crystal that you wish to buy, but the feeling in the store is not ideal; go ahead and buy the crystal anyway. But before you use it or add it to the others, please cleanse it. Generally, cleansing is necessary only if the person using it has the feeling of doing so, or if the crystal was used in a healing session with strong emotional or terminal conditions.
Crystals can be put in the sun light for a day; they can be cleansed under cold water, or other different forms or rituals to cleanse them. Frank's suggestion was always to keep things simple, "with the power of your mind you can achieve anything."
For further information and the original methods and applications as taught by Frank Alper, we suggest attending a crystal-seminar "Crystal-and Magnetic-Mastery" with Stéphanie in Switzerland. Also there are many possibilities for patterns and the use of crystals in Frank Alper's books: Exploring Atlantis.

The Spiritual Pattern   
For meditation and spiritual work

The Physical Pattern
To energize and revitalize the body

The Spiritual triangle

This crystal pattern serves for spiritual work as well as for neutralizing and calming emotions. It opens up the path to spirituality and strengthens the connections to spirit. It is ideal for meditation, spiritual channelling and visions.
Duration of application max. 20 min.

The Physical triangle

This is perfect after physical exhaustion from work, sports or general tiredness. It is physically revitalizing, harmonizes and centers the physical energies. Also ideally used for muscle tensions or pain in the joints. An energy-bath for in-between. Do not use this pattern before going to sleep!
Duration of application max. 20 min.

5 Overlay-Crystals to strengthen the immune system.
In order to keep good health, physical power and vitality, Frank always suggested using 5 crystal points once a day for 10 min. on the following 5 body chakras.
Throat center
Navel (magnetic birth-chakra)
2nd Chakra
Base or root charka
With all the crystals pointing to the head.
If it is desired, a larger crystal (even programmed with the soul energy of the person or a favored master, can be but on the heart-center. These crystals can also be used within other patterns.

6 Pattern for karmic conditions

Placement of the 6 Crystals
1 larger crystal above the head (point up)
2 Crystals on each elbow (points down)
2 Crystals on the side of e
ach knee (points up)

1 larger crystal below the feet (point down)

The pattern of 6 brings karmic unconscious life-patterns into consciousness. With this the individual has the possibility of choice either to keep the pattern or to change it.
The 6 formation is, in its form, the universal symbol of the Star of David, which was brought by the Atlanteans to the Earth many thousands of years ago. It is also the symbol for the karmic lessons on Earth which an individual experiences during his/her incarnations on Earth. This pattern has the advantage for bringing unconscious or unknown energy-patterns into consciousness.
Use this pattern for 20 min. max.  

12 Crystal Pattern for spiritual integration.

The positions of the 12 Crystals

1 larger crystal above the head

2 Crystals next to the shoulders

2 Crystals next to the wrists

2 Crystals next to the knees

2 Crystals next to the ankles

1 larger Crystal below the feet

The pattern with 12 Crystals is used for spiritual integration and communication, but also for channelling and spiritual visions.
The "Council of 12" or also called as "Council of Elders" place themselves around the body exactly the same way as the crystals. Each individual member of the council has his purpose in its position.
People who work intensely with the Council of 12 have their crystals, each one programmed with the energies of a council member in order to have stronger and easier connections.

Addition: Some of the massage therapists and healers have permanently attached this pattern beneath their working-table, for more effective and deeper working.
Use this pattern for 20 min. max.  

Caution: The given time for all applications is maximum guide-lines and should not be exceeded. With dizziness, headaches or other reactions, it is recommended to leave the pattern immediately. We do not assume any liabilities.

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