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The Blue Jewel
Oliver Hauck...
a young multitalented German had a dream about our one and only wonderful Planet.
He was very concerned, because we only have one Earth, there is no Earth No. 2 or 3!
How could he bring this message to as many people as possible?
Inspired by his friends  Gudrun and David Miller (Arizona), he started to create a movie, based on his ideas, with a handful of friends, a camera and empty pockets. Pepper Lewis, the voice of Mother Earth, Roger Nelson (Global Consciousness Project), Ignaz & Johanna Leitner  young farmers from Austria and others, gladly made their contribution in the movie.   
Oliver worked very hard and often found himself at the very edge of losing his faith and trust. But at the very last moment, something always came through so that he might continue, such as a poor woman who donated 20 Euros.   
The premiere, which took place in April 2012, in a large German cinema in Munich, was completely filled to the last seat.
Oliver was nominated by the cosmic Cine Angels group, and received the public award. In 2013, his movie was nominated in the United States where he received the award for “Best international feature Documentary” and “Winner of Environmental Harmony”.

See Trailer on the Blue Jewel. You can find many of the Video clips of the movie by Oliver Hauck on youtube .

...and more about Oliver!

For many years, he had been quietly painting in the basement of his small house until one day the art-community of Munich became aware of his fantastic paintings.

Today art-galleries and art-specialists from all over Europe are buying his paintings.  Oliver needs to spend a lot of time in his basement with his paintings, in order to complete all the incoming requests.

Visit Oliver's Art-Gallery (Link)
Olivers Art-Exposition - Video

... and still, this is not the end of Oliver's talents

And in case, you believe, that this is all Oliver does, he also creates fabulous music.
But more on that later...

Find out more about Oliver Hauck, his great and award winning movie "The Blue Jewel", his music and his paintings. (Link to Oliver)  

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