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Frank Alper

Frank Alper
Frank Alper was a pioneer in universal wisdom and knowledge, and was known and respected worldwide for his teaching and healing methods.  He initiated different frequencies of magnetic healing with crystals, the magnetic-love energy, which was brought to him from Aletia, energies of regeneration and the cobra-serpent through the Master Awah, and the energies of the dragon’s fire through Melchezedek.  He also was very conscious of the laws of the Universe and channeled the wisdom of the great masters from this universe and beyond.
Part of his goals had been to lead people to their own soul’s potential as well as clearing and developing their intuition up to the full integrity of personality and soul.  He was the founder of Energenetics®, a technique to alter the cells in the brainstem to eliminate and prevent mental, psychological and physical patterns, as well as genetic imprints, which have been transferred from generations.
His unique methods of counselling on psychological, physical and spiritual levels are being used by many doctors, therapists and light workers all over the world.  
In 2005 Frank began a process of physical imbalance, which, on December 7th 2007, brought him to the point of leaving his physical structure. His extensive work has laid the foundation for many seeds and, therefore, we are able to carry on his work with gentleness and great integrity.
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